News from Turner’s House March 2020

March 2020
News from Turner’s House



We are sorry that we begin this newsletter with confirmation that along with many other museums and galleries, parks and gardens, Turner’s House Trust has closed Sandycombe Lodge following advice from Public Health England during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is for an initial period up to 1st May 2020, but we realise that this could be for much longer.

Whilst Turner was living in turbulent Georgian times, the challenges we now all face are truly extraordinary. In addition to our concerns for the health of our volunteers, staff, visitors and supporters, COVID-19 creates an unprecedented turn for the management of this internationally significant, but modest, architectural gem. We face the prospect of financial loss and a reduction in both staffing and volunteer support as more and more of the world shuts down and the effects of the coronavirus take hold.

All small museums and galleries are under threat from this sudden drop in income.  Some will not survive.  In common with small charities of all types, most manage on tiny margins and run on a very small staff, only possible with the invaluable support of dedicated volunteers. Nevertheless, the Trustees are determined that Sandycombe Lodge will survive and will go on to inspire future generations by celebrating the legacy of J.M.W. Turner’s time in Twickenham.Your support has never been more important.


You can help Turner’s House now

Even whilst we are closed, and especially as we face such an uncertain future, you can help.  Just weeks ago, we launched two new supporter Circles, the Sandycombe Circle and Patrons Circle, to provide Turner’s House with critically important support.  They are designed specifically for anyone interested in being personally involved with the House and its work. If you join now, you will be playing a vital part in keeping the House viable whilst we are closed. Once we re-open, you will be invited to a programme of curated events, private views and also enjoy priority booking for certain public events.


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Alternatively, please consider the Friends of Turner’s House.  Joining information is here:


Stay safe during this crisis, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram until we re-open.


Ricky Pound
House Director


March 25, 2020